Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Words Before Lines: Amazing Pulchritude

Absolutely stunning

Make men come running

Alluring yet cunning

Zeros become heroes just for a one shot opportunity to step to you

Incredulously beholding visions of a beautiful you before unworthy eyes

No lies or slick lines

Genuine at all times

Picking up on all your subtle clues

Understanding the words they need to choose so their egos don't get bruised

Letting respect reign

Calling you by your name

Holding fast to gentlemanly principles

Realizing the need to keep everything simple

Instinctively knowing how to reveal both your dimples

Taking necessary time to explore the depths of your mind

Unequivocally acknowledging the intangible treasures they find after

Delicately perusing your soul, spirit, and psyche and getting lost in that peaceful place called 'Next to you'

Expecting only bliss from the reward of one of your gentle kisses for good behavior


Love Letters: Nobody was wrong...

Pointing fingers
Three point back
It's fact
Love left the building a long time ago
At least love like we knew it once upon a time
Romeo is dissing Juliet
Juliet is dissing Romeo
We both know
That we both have to go
And parting is never sweet
Nothing but sorrow
At least in that bitter-sweet moment
And all we can both do is pick up the shredded fragments of our hearts
Doubled over in agony from the slinging darts
Hurtful words exchanged
Hearts now rearranged
Or rather
Soul ties
Looking for scissors
But some chords are so tough to sever
Broken promises equal two broken hearts to match
Twenty-two is the catch
Souls feel snatched
Seemingly never to be found again
Not only did I lose my lover
I lost my closest friend
How the hell can I ever open up again
Tomorrow knows better than now
And if I paid close attention
Yesterday was already telling the story
But some stories always put us to sleep
Leaving you to wake up
Feeling completely incomplete
Smiles hiding in the shadows of tears
Strong assurance replaced with weakening fears
Because starting over is not where either one of us want to be
After being your slave I want no parts of being free
For you've branded what occupies where my right hand clutches just below my left breast
Leaving a piece of me with you like you cut off my foot
Can't you see me limping
How could you
I left you limping too
Both sides of the argument are valid and true

At least from Perspective's standpoint

Simply put

Nobody was wrong

We were simply wrong for each other

And I believe we both still have so much love to give...