Sunday, August 30, 2009


The need to be is the real need

Free to exist in the midst of the madness of the world as your own light shines abstract to the looming darkness

You are the sun many unknown moments of the day

And like the moon borrows light from the sun to cascade gently across the breaking waves of the ocean

Some borrow from your light essence, hoping to shine like you do

Ultimately failing to realize the impending impossibility

Because the illumination is Simply borrowed

Taking heed to the path of the wind

Do you rise and crash like the waves and the tide

Or do you float and twist like a feather

Or are you Simply tethered to the normal ebb and flow of the blades of grass that never leave the security of their pasture

Do you know where your heart is

Or did you leave so many pieces lying around in various places

During all your wild goose chases

Simply to become the first human alive walking around with confetti in your chest

Ripped to pieces because to be was just Simply not enough

Can you really see

Or are your windows so fogged up from the precipitation of your life

That through frustration you feel the urgent need to Simply pull over and park on the side of the road until the storm decides to let you be...


Free to Simply be calm as the howling winds of change blow down the walls of your soul

And you feel the harshness of the cold air rush through your entire interior

As where there are no walls there are no windows

So what blinds can you use to keep the world from peeking now?

You are Simply naked to the whole neighborhood

Can you deal?

Just Simply be real.




Lo Keys

Random Heart-Speak: Just Some Thoughts

Always blessed
Sometimes perplexed
Many times vexed
Overall, never pressed
Consider myself one of the best
Humility passes tests
Got on my faith vest
Satan bombards with his darts
Express my agony through my art
Heal the world with my art
And heal myself along the way
Sometimes I pray
Sometimes I just say 'Lord help me'
Other times I just hang my head and say 'Sorry'
Sometimes I feel sorry
Most times I feel strong and weak simultaneously
The struggle between the nigga and the gentleman is so intense
I know even God has to sit there in suspense
I'm complex, yet simple
A concrete soldier balanced by a heart that's gentle
But a mind that works too hard sometimes to keep it safely at bay
From all the games the heartless wanna play
Each day that I live
I strive to forgive
Sometimes I wonder what I'm giving for
Sometimes I don't feel like giving more
Sometimes I even wonder what I'm even still living for
Human people do that
Real people do that
Somebody may even have the nerve to judge these words
And even question my mental faculty
Or even write me off as a damaged casualty of the pain of life
Maybe you should try starting over after 8 years of having a wife
Quitting marriage cold turkey and getting thrown back into the single life?
How about drawbacks from flashbacks
Constantly fighting the inward desire to retire and withdraw into a spiritual solitude
But renewing your mind daily to change that attitude
Love is my life
God is my life
I know I can't live without God
And I can't live without love
And love better get UN-used to living without me
Well MY love that is
Whoever she is
Wherever she is
Just saying before you make snap judgments, walk a mile in my shoes
Do you think you could even make it a block down my road?
Just askin'...

Lo Keys

The State of the Nation

The state of the nation is sure evaporation, as the Water of life is slowly drained from the fiber of its foundation, ‘In God we trust…’
And it’s a must to not follow lust as we have been increasingly doing with each passing generation, creating a fertile ground for more frustration as with more lust, there is bound to be more impatience
As we know, this time we live in is ruled by the microwave, thirty-five second slaves, wanting God to continue to bless while we continue to misbehave
I’m just sayin’
Now there is talk of recession, which brings about talks of depression, but my question is this
Is the depression more of our financial position, or depression of our souls, as there has been a huge recession of the morals that built our country, the land of the 'free'?
Free to do what, harm ourselves by creating legislature that allows us to follow our every whim without consequence, because everybody wants an amendment if it supports their own lustful agenda
Placing good values and lustful passions in a blender and pushing the mix button, and then wondering why the state of the nation is straight up confusion, because we don’t listen to our souls anymore but our fickle hearts
Because from our souls are birthed the principals for harmony of life, but that harmony is based on God not turning His back on what we do, but letting you feel the warm rays of His smile on our foreheads as we look up to the sky and ask His approval, but that’s if we even bother to ask instead of getting caught up in the brightness of the sun and the grey skies when the storm clouds roll across the horizon
Therefore losing the true innocent and pure creativity our souls are destined to have, because out of the soul of God the universe was created by speaking a perfect word, coupled with a perfect desire, and because of those words, we can see clearly without having to truly pay attention, for the evidence is all around us if we stand still a moment and see things for what they really are, then we can speak the same way and have the ability to create our own atmospheres, our own nations that can ultimately unite if the harmony is right
There is so much power in our tongues that if unchecked we can destroy ourselves just as fast as we were created, in a matter of just a few words
So think about this before you fix your mouth to utter another word:
How will my words affect the state of my nation?

Lo Keys

WordPlay: Us

New love

True love

Me and You love

Sweet chocolate and turtle doves

Christmas in July

We got our own holiday

Our own island

Both smilin'

Neva wildin'

You understand what I'm sayin' even when I'm silent

You know me

My heart knows you

You stand there

Souls are aware

I don't chase

You don't run

Look to the stars

There we are

New constellation

Heaven-type mutual adoration

Brief asphyxiation if separation

Etertenity til you're back in my presence

Fiending for a hit of your essence

Tall glass

You in it

Long sips

Grip never slips

Don't trip

Foreplay ready

Passion is steady

Forever bliss

Forehead kiss

Lo Keys