Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random Heart-Speak: Let me know,,,

Do you understand who I am?
Strong, positive., eloquent black man
Paying close attention to my summer years
As the sands of my hour glass have produced grays on my chin
Not settling down in my easy chair watching the seasons change
Not just admiring the painted portraits I see along the way
But painting my own
Not scared of being alone
Not waiting by the phone
Setting my own tone
While enjoying the subtle harmonies of life
Not picking any bones
Not caught up in the Love Jones
I don't play any trombones
But my sax game is on point
Can you appreciate my melody?
Scored with the pen of my sin
The blood of my redemption
And the cleansing of my soul
Washed by the storms of life
Queen Mother still has me in check
Every word she utters commands my deepest respect
And I adore how she lets me live
And how she forgives
When this knuckle-head Prince stops feeling himself
Enabling me to cash in on my wealth
By remembering to honor the first commandment with promise
Keeping me humble and honest
How much do you know now?
How much more do you wanna know?
Let me know
The sooner the better...