Friday, March 5, 2010

Random WordPlay: Just me...

Many have tried
Many have lied
Many have laid aside pride
All for a chance to get next to you

With hopes of being in your vicinity on the regular

Secular desires
Four flat tires
Going nowhere
Evil stare
'Don't touch my hair!'
'I don't know you like that!'

Lips shoot
Flossing loot
In pursuit
Unfortunately you already know it's the panties before your heart
And the usual finish to the race leaves you broken
38 HOT
Gun of bitterness still smoking
Poppin off shots at the innocent bystander who just simply says hello
What will it take to empty your clip before you point your gun at me

Let me guess

Spirituality in totality
And not just for convenience of conversation

What about a smile and direct contact with your eyes
Not roaming your body wondering what the prize is like
Not trying to feed my appetite
That has nothing to do with food

Way to the left of rude
A sincere dude
Who gives you his government without being prompted
And you have to hear somebody else call him by the name he prefers

No secrets
No surprises
No omissions
No bullshit

Just me

Giving you the freedom to choose... Me

And not my representative

Am I on the right path to you?