Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Thoughts: You

If you walk down the street I would run to the corner
If you move to another country I'm officially a foreigner
Devotion is more than a notion
Dedication is more than some simple libation
For you are my religion
You are my ritual
You are my rite of passage
You are my day of reckoning
Can't you see my soul beckoning for you
I don't give a fuck what your mouth says
I see what your eyes say every time you look at me
Mouths lie
They can't help it
Especially when they are afraid
So I understand
'Cause you KNOW you see THIS man
And you know THIS man sees YOU
And we both desire something true in the midst of a den of thieves
Preying on tender hearts like yours and mine
Taking advantage when our hope is on the decline
Can you stay focused
Can you overlook the hocus-pocus
Can you see what is evident when it is not
Can you love me with all you've got
Because I can
I have
I always have
I always will
I will kill if someone disrespects your virtue
Eye for an eye if someone hurts you
Automatic protection if you make me your selection
Kevin C ain't got shit on me
You become my favorite video every time I think about you
And you are my vivid picture in the wee hours of the night
Projected on my ceiling as if there is a light
I don't need you in my presence to feel you
To touch you
To taste you
To smell you
To hear you
And that is why I fear you
You reside deep down under my skin
Do you belong there
I hope so...


Sexual Frustration

I've done that
So it's blah-zay
Matter of fact
It's just extra foreplay
Same motion
Same notion
Same commotion
She just brought some back-up this time
One of the two just tags in
Every now and again
Same soft skin
Just on pretty face number two
No love in this
Simply one plug
With two sockets
Down a sensual path
The three of us are walking
Only our bodies are doing the talking
Our mouths just co-sign
What's already obvious
In situations like this no plan is required
I've been tired
I've been going toe to toe with lust
Head to head
Bed to bed
And most times I don't even bust unless I do it myself
Because I just simply can't think of releasing my seed into random gardens
Neither into latex packaging
And now I'm really starting to know
Just gotta let things flow
And start moving slow
And know her name for more than seven days
Before I hit her with the hypnotic taze
Making 'love' for days
Without even knowing her favorite color
Worst nightmare
Biggest crush
Biggest letdown
Greatest victory
Something about her history
Take my time this time
Because time brings about experience
And experience brings about knowledge
And we need to know how to handle each other
Before we handle each other
Don't get it twisted though
I need what I need
And I get it
And then I get it
And then I'm kicking myself again for giving into temptation
It gets hard to go for long periods of time without consummation
And that's where my issue lies

You see

I have some sexual frustration I need released

But I'm not sexually frustrated in the least

I'm just frustrated with getting sexual for no reason

And I want a woman to give it a reason with.

So we can both have another good reason to come home every day.

You interested?


Words Before Lines: Irresistible You

Intense moments, moments in life, moments in love

Refining what time is from a right now perspective

Right now, you have all of my attention

Every syllable you speak makes me weak

Stolen moments with you are what I eagerly seek

Investing the time to blow your mind in return

Staking my claim and writing my name within your walls with each passionate moment

Taking your brain to the places your heart can't find maps for, snatching your breath away

Invisibly inking your soul with the seeds of my words before our passions play

Beating confessions out of your depths with my sword of seductively erotic correction

Lust is an afterthought as pure passion has seized complete control, linking our souls

Establishing bodily communication after intense verbal preparation

Yearning for the "more" that has been so elusive is now transformed into soul to soul reality

Overjoyed I am yet under-afraid to let myself fall

Under the beautiful spell of an irresistible you


No Matter What

Peep this.
The more I spend time with you
the more you become my weakness.
Looks to kill for.
A smile I would eat my last meal for
If I could control the moon
We would have moonlit picnics at
12 in the afternoon
Enjoying old school tunes
And gentle breezes
Coupled with gentle squeezes
Enjoying subtle teases
Fingertips tracing
Hearts racing
Inhibitions erasing
It's like I wanted to stop being single the second I laid eyes on you.
Too fine for my mind to comprehend
and all I can do is shake my head and smile.
Woo child!
Peace to Lauryn Hill.
Woman you give me chills
because you're Killing Me Softly
and I know I need to take a trip to Zion
to give thanks for every day I get to kiss your lips
My ego doesn't even take any more trips
Everything else comes second place to the feeling of your embrace
Longing for just a taste of the sweet honey I see
You're more like an intoxicatingly inviting glass of long island iced tea
All I need now is my tangy twist of lemon
And some satin napkins to wipe my lips
Using satin pillows for my knees as I drink from between your hips
So alluring
Don't stop pouring
And I won't stop drinking
I'm thinking
Being under your influence is what's up
And being with you is what's happening
I'm not even trying to think about the alternative
All I'm trying to do is stay down with you

No matter what


Monday, August 23, 2010

Brain Game

I'm weak in the knees the ways you tease
Ringing in my head the things you just said
I've had my eyes on your lips
After putting my eyes your hips
Natural twists on your crown
Smelling like jasmine and vanilla
A real grown man killer
Bruised-ego healer
I'm definitely on my P's and my Q's
Check my shoes
They're standing still right in front of you
I'm looking at you
Now eye to eye
Not running
Not walking away
I'd rather stay
Indulging without my crotch bulging
Listening without agenda
Who could ignore words so tender
Unexpected grace from your beautiful space
Conversation so sweet I just have to taste more than your tasty looking lips
Do you mind if I relax
Sit down and lean back
And just simply enjoy this intimate moment
Because right now I can't even say a word
All I can do is nod my head, exhale and close my eyes

Because your brain game is ridiculous

I'm almost afraid to give you body


Raging Romance: More Than Skin

Where do I begin
You are more than your skin
More intoxicating than a tall glass of gin
More refreshing than spring water from Mt Fuji
Your daddy's daughter
The beat of your mother's heart
The fire in my eye that will never lose it's spark
More than your disarming smile
More than your sultry curves that swerve like the Nile
Jazzy when you wanna be
Classy lady you're always gonna be
Spiritual inner fortitude that keeps your demeanor graceful
Respect for self keeps your conversation and presentation always tasteful
I can see your open ears to the wisdom of our Beautifully Seasoned Queens
Woman of my wishful yesterdays
Woman of my dreams
The woman for my team
You've got home team advantage
Because I could see myself coming home to you on the daily
I can see you with my eyes closed
You are more than what my naked eyes lovingly behold
I see your sweet spirit
The integrity of your soul
And your pure heart speaks to me in a language only translated by my ears
Deciphered like cryptic code in our love's abode
Learning each other through osmosis every time we touch
What a rush
You touch my soul on levels there are no words for
So I must touch your heart in the places no words can help comprehend

Love's imperfectly perfect blend

More than desire

More than skin


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Words Before Lines: Amazing Pulchritude

Absolutely stunning

Make men come running

Alluring yet cunning

Zeros become heroes just for a one shot opportunity to step to you

Incredulously beholding visions of a beautiful you before unworthy eyes

No lies or slick lines

Genuine at all times

Picking up on all your subtle clues

Understanding the words they need to choose so their egos don't get bruised

Letting respect reign

Calling you by your name

Holding fast to gentlemanly principles

Realizing the need to keep everything simple

Instinctively knowing how to reveal both your dimples

Taking necessary time to explore the depths of your mind

Unequivocally acknowledging the intangible treasures they find after

Delicately perusing your soul, spirit, and psyche and getting lost in that peaceful place called 'Next to you'

Expecting only bliss from the reward of one of your gentle kisses for good behavior


Love Letters: Nobody was wrong...

Pointing fingers
Three point back
It's fact
Love left the building a long time ago
At least love like we knew it once upon a time
Romeo is dissing Juliet
Juliet is dissing Romeo
We both know
That we both have to go
And parting is never sweet
Nothing but sorrow
At least in that bitter-sweet moment
And all we can both do is pick up the shredded fragments of our hearts
Doubled over in agony from the slinging darts
Hurtful words exchanged
Hearts now rearranged
Or rather
Soul ties
Looking for scissors
But some chords are so tough to sever
Broken promises equal two broken hearts to match
Twenty-two is the catch
Souls feel snatched
Seemingly never to be found again
Not only did I lose my lover
I lost my closest friend
How the hell can I ever open up again
Tomorrow knows better than now
And if I paid close attention
Yesterday was already telling the story
But some stories always put us to sleep
Leaving you to wake up
Feeling completely incomplete
Smiles hiding in the shadows of tears
Strong assurance replaced with weakening fears
Because starting over is not where either one of us want to be
After being your slave I want no parts of being free
For you've branded what occupies where my right hand clutches just below my left breast
Leaving a piece of me with you like you cut off my foot
Can't you see me limping
How could you
I left you limping too
Both sides of the argument are valid and true

At least from Perspective's standpoint

Simply put

Nobody was wrong

We were simply wrong for each other

And I believe we both still have so much love to give...


Friday, March 5, 2010

Random WordPlay: Just me...

Many have tried
Many have lied
Many have laid aside pride
All for a chance to get next to you

With hopes of being in your vicinity on the regular

Secular desires
Four flat tires
Going nowhere
Evil stare
'Don't touch my hair!'
'I don't know you like that!'

Lips shoot
Flossing loot
In pursuit
Unfortunately you already know it's the panties before your heart
And the usual finish to the race leaves you broken
38 HOT
Gun of bitterness still smoking
Poppin off shots at the innocent bystander who just simply says hello
What will it take to empty your clip before you point your gun at me

Let me guess

Spirituality in totality
And not just for convenience of conversation

What about a smile and direct contact with your eyes
Not roaming your body wondering what the prize is like
Not trying to feed my appetite
That has nothing to do with food

Way to the left of rude
A sincere dude
Who gives you his government without being prompted
And you have to hear somebody else call him by the name he prefers

No secrets
No surprises
No omissions
No bullshit

Just me

Giving you the freedom to choose... Me

And not my representative

Am I on the right path to you?


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random Heart-Speak: Let me know,,,

Do you understand who I am?
Strong, positive., eloquent black man
Paying close attention to my summer years
As the sands of my hour glass have produced grays on my chin
Not settling down in my easy chair watching the seasons change
Not just admiring the painted portraits I see along the way
But painting my own
Not scared of being alone
Not waiting by the phone
Setting my own tone
While enjoying the subtle harmonies of life
Not picking any bones
Not caught up in the Love Jones
I don't play any trombones
But my sax game is on point
Can you appreciate my melody?
Scored with the pen of my sin
The blood of my redemption
And the cleansing of my soul
Washed by the storms of life
Queen Mother still has me in check
Every word she utters commands my deepest respect
And I adore how she lets me live
And how she forgives
When this knuckle-head Prince stops feeling himself
Enabling me to cash in on my wealth
By remembering to honor the first commandment with promise
Keeping me humble and honest
How much do you know now?
How much more do you wanna know?
Let me know
The sooner the better...