Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random Heart-Speak: Just Some Thoughts

Always blessed
Sometimes perplexed
Many times vexed
Overall, never pressed
Consider myself one of the best
Humility passes tests
Got on my faith vest
Satan bombards with his darts
Express my agony through my art
Heal the world with my art
And heal myself along the way
Sometimes I pray
Sometimes I just say 'Lord help me'
Other times I just hang my head and say 'Sorry'
Sometimes I feel sorry
Most times I feel strong and weak simultaneously
The struggle between the nigga and the gentleman is so intense
I know even God has to sit there in suspense
I'm complex, yet simple
A concrete soldier balanced by a heart that's gentle
But a mind that works too hard sometimes to keep it safely at bay
From all the games the heartless wanna play
Each day that I live
I strive to forgive
Sometimes I wonder what I'm giving for
Sometimes I don't feel like giving more
Sometimes I even wonder what I'm even still living for
Human people do that
Real people do that
Somebody may even have the nerve to judge these words
And even question my mental faculty
Or even write me off as a damaged casualty of the pain of life
Maybe you should try starting over after 8 years of having a wife
Quitting marriage cold turkey and getting thrown back into the single life?
How about drawbacks from flashbacks
Constantly fighting the inward desire to retire and withdraw into a spiritual solitude
But renewing your mind daily to change that attitude
Love is my life
God is my life
I know I can't live without God
And I can't live without love
And love better get UN-used to living without me
Well MY love that is
Whoever she is
Wherever she is
Just saying before you make snap judgments, walk a mile in my shoes
Do you think you could even make it a block down my road?
Just askin'...

Lo Keys

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