Sunday, September 27, 2009

AM Dedication to A Queen

As I begin to flatter your ears with intoxicating words birthed from my fingertips

Just know my only regret is you're not in my presence to enjoy their procession from my two lips

For now I am forced to tickle your fancy with a few quips, maybe some analogies concerning some possible scenes from the chapters of your life

Maybe when you were a little girl, you were an angel in your daddy's world

Maybe he wasn't around and you've been walking with that empty feeling that can only happen when your ears were not filled with the royal, comforting, re-assuring words of a King to his Princess

Either way, God has smiled on you with rays of mercy

Showers of love have rained down from the heavens above

Sometimes taking the forms of storms

But He's always provided shelter and sustenance to keep His princess warm

All blessings are from above, coupled with His consuming love

So whenever you look to the skies with tears in your eyes

Whether they be the product of grief, guilt or glee

When you feel the soothing comfort of a gentle breeze along your beautiful face sent personally from the One who loves you like no other can

You can stand strong and know you are free to be who He made you to be

A Queen

Lo Keys


  1. If women are not inlove with this...they have not experienced the romance of self. These wprds are flowers for the living;)