Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random Heart-Speak: Live On

We are living in perilous times where genocide is the new form of suicide

Because when you kill somebody for the sake of blatant disrespect you've really disrespected the victims mother, father, sister and brother

And ultimately yourself

For when the smoke clears you should be crying their same tears because we all bleed the same blood at the end of the day

So you've ultimately killed yourself because of the mental suicide of pride, and now where can you hide

Are you truly ready to die like you say in your daily street corner dissertation

Because they're comin'

Are you truly ready to die

Cause when the shells fly from the retaliation drive-by

There's no use in runnin'

Just take your stance like the 'g' you claim to be

You said you ready to die for yours right?

Now is the opportunity to get the famous rep a dead man never remains to see

You died for what you 'believe'

Leaving your mother and others that love you to grieve

Because you were too selfish to just let it ride

So now it's enemy-assisted suicide

Avoidable when you take the time to think about your seed you'll leave behind in need

Not just your money, but your inspiration

So your seed can look up to you and chase heart-felt dreams without hesitation

What is the complication?

Your baby needs you

Your lady needs her gentleman

Your mother needs her son

Your father needs his baby boy, even if he hasn't figured out how to tell you, but patient hope can change that too

Sometimes pain and anger and grief are too much for belief

And death to you seems like the only escape, leaving loved ones with unanswered questions

Emotionally raped

Your casket draped with tears

Maybe they'll be able to leave it open so your face can be touched for one last good-bye

Do words really need to be carried that far

Just for the sake of somebody knowing who you are

I was ready to die

Then somebody cared enough to present me with a perplexing inquiry

'When are you gonna be 'g' enough to just let it ride'

'They're just words right?'

Honor and respect

Are we supposed to hold code to them in a gangsta abode and act like we're gods?

It took almost my life to finally realize the facade

Those words have been twisted so it seems there is validity for unknowingly or knowingly rebelling against 4 simple words

Thou shalt not kill...

I keep reminding myself because strife and conflict make it easy to lose sight

So my prayer is that God grants me the grace to make it right

Because I love my brother

Do you love me?

It's the only way we'll be able to live on...

Lo Keys

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