Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random Heart-Speak: Imagination

It's crazy to me how one could tell you about all the amazing attributes they possess

About how cunnilingaly skilled they are, and how much they've been 'blessed'

Or how they could put your heart in arrest mode, rock your world like Depeche Mode

Or how about this

Promised lifetime dedication and eternal moments of bliss sealed with a kiss

Which transform into 'Kiss my ass' when you let your guard down and let 'em hit it

This piece will be available in its entirety in my forthcoming book, “HeartSpeak- Volume I”.
Stay tuned…

Lo ‘SpokenHeart’ Keys


  1. Loved this...a moment to reflect on what you consider important and how you're seen in the eyes of others...

  2. This is a good one...People's minds are messed up on some crazy stuff...and women chase after what amounts to silliness, if they are. Build yourselves up and be a fortress!