Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Heart-Speak: What is the Point?

If it's not about love what is really the point?
Because it's then and only then our souls and spirits one another can anoint
Me, with your virtue
You, if I take the time to search you
I can see something worthy of my love
You deserve my love simply because you are
And because God made you
And you are somebody's rib
Maybe not mine
But through someone's dark clouds you will one day shine
I believe you would clear my sky up with no hesitation

This piece will be available in its entirety in my forthcoming book, “HeartSpeak- Volume I”.
Stay tuned…

Lo ‘SpokenHeart’ Keys


  1. my brother is sooooo talented, thanks for sharing ur love with those who aren't on that level or think we are really lovin or livin until now....

  2. THis is SOOOOO Beautiful!