Tuesday, December 1, 2009


In the midst of all the ugliness in our lives and in this world we found something beautiful together.
Something so beautiful words can't ever begin to describe it in totality.
For that, I can only say thank you for giving me a chance.
In my eyes you can never be replaced.
I don't wanna replace you.
Anyone else I would honestly be settling for.
I am not sad overall.
I just miss you.
I miss loving you freely with reciprocity.
I truly wanna see you happy.
The selfish part of me wants you to wait for me, but I dropped the ball.
I know for a fact God opened the heavens and personally placed you right before me.
I will forever praise His name for that.
The fact is the real man in me now recognizes I blew my chance at having you.
I mishandled my life in such a way that I ultimately ended up mishandling you.
I will never make that mistake again for two reasons.
One, If you ever took me back, I would not lose you twice.
Two, I don't want to open up to anyone else like that again.
I love you to pieces.
I love you beyond love itself.
I pray for you always.
I pray God moves on your behalf swiftly.
I pray He heals your heart.
I pray He heals mine along the way.
I am utterly devoted to you.
If I can't have you, I will write and recite poems to the memories I have of you.
For those memories are more perfect to me than any other woman could ever measure up to.
I don't wanna give my heart to somebody else because i promised my heart to you.
If you ever choose to receive my love again, it's already yours to redeem.
I'm just happy I could commit my heart to you with all the love I have to give.
I am learning I can still be happy and be alone.
Because if I chose somebody else, they would be ultimately alone as my heart is wherever you are.
If you choose to move on completely the only thing I could do is smile after i weep.
Because all I wanna see is your happiness.
Because my love for you refuses to dissipate.
So I wouldn't hate.
I would congratulate.
And continue to write and recite poems to perfect memories of the purest love I have ever known in my life.
I love everything about you.
Even down to the way you walk.
And your expressions.
If you ever need me,
If you ever wanna come find me,
I'll only be just a poem away...

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