Tuesday, December 1, 2009


You are my oxygen
I can't seem to breathe without you
The air I breathe seems incomplete without you in my vicinity
Every second without you seems like hopeless infinity
Suffocation seems imminent
I ask myself how long can my heart survive
Because it feels like I'm brain-dead
And without you I just can't seem to breathe
Like I said
You are my oxygen
I've been trying to locate my pulse
But I truly don;t believe it will return
Until I feel your touch
I can't even conceive to truly love another woman or another woman's love to receive
Becuase they would want the whole soul of me and I wouldn't even be able to offer them a piece of me
Please believe
Because the whole soul of me, after God, belongs to you
So I'm standing here somewhat soul-less without you
Shallowness of breath
I can feel within my lungs the constriction
Life without you is an obvious death conviction
Because like I said
You are my oxygen
So how can I even imagine breathing without you
Loving you is so much deeper than addiction
The way my heart, soul, spirit, mind and body feel for you
So much deeper than my inadequate words and their diction
The place in my heart for you no other woman can even begin to chart
It's like I can feel the raw wounds in the pit of my heart
Shredded from pain's sand-paper-like friction
Vessels, veins and tendons just hanging outside my chest ripped all the way apart
Without you I don't even wanna know what intimacy is anymore
When I lost you it's like every woman walked right out the door
And watched the tail-lights fade away in the distance
No other woman can even begin to fill the void i now feel
I just gotta be real
I miss you
My heart misses you
My heart cries for you
My body yearns for you
My heart dies for you
Along with my pride
It's like my soul has been cracked
And I'm all alone standing off to the side feeling abstract
Somewhat invisible to the rest of the world
Heart open and visible to no-one else but you girl
Hoping one day you'll help me breathe again
Because like I said
You are my oxygen...


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