Monday, August 30, 2010

Sexual Frustration

I've done that
So it's blah-zay
Matter of fact
It's just extra foreplay
Same motion
Same notion
Same commotion
She just brought some back-up this time
One of the two just tags in
Every now and again
Same soft skin
Just on pretty face number two
No love in this
Simply one plug
With two sockets
Down a sensual path
The three of us are walking
Only our bodies are doing the talking
Our mouths just co-sign
What's already obvious
In situations like this no plan is required
I've been tired
I've been going toe to toe with lust
Head to head
Bed to bed
And most times I don't even bust unless I do it myself
Because I just simply can't think of releasing my seed into random gardens
Neither into latex packaging
And now I'm really starting to know
Just gotta let things flow
And start moving slow
And know her name for more than seven days
Before I hit her with the hypnotic taze
Making 'love' for days
Without even knowing her favorite color
Worst nightmare
Biggest crush
Biggest letdown
Greatest victory
Something about her history
Take my time this time
Because time brings about experience
And experience brings about knowledge
And we need to know how to handle each other
Before we handle each other
Don't get it twisted though
I need what I need
And I get it
And then I get it
And then I'm kicking myself again for giving into temptation
It gets hard to go for long periods of time without consummation
And that's where my issue lies

You see

I have some sexual frustration I need released

But I'm not sexually frustrated in the least

I'm just frustrated with getting sexual for no reason

And I want a woman to give it a reason with.

So we can both have another good reason to come home every day.

You interested?


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