Monday, August 30, 2010

No Matter What

Peep this.
The more I spend time with you
the more you become my weakness.
Looks to kill for.
A smile I would eat my last meal for
If I could control the moon
We would have moonlit picnics at
12 in the afternoon
Enjoying old school tunes
And gentle breezes
Coupled with gentle squeezes
Enjoying subtle teases
Fingertips tracing
Hearts racing
Inhibitions erasing
It's like I wanted to stop being single the second I laid eyes on you.
Too fine for my mind to comprehend
and all I can do is shake my head and smile.
Woo child!
Peace to Lauryn Hill.
Woman you give me chills
because you're Killing Me Softly
and I know I need to take a trip to Zion
to give thanks for every day I get to kiss your lips
My ego doesn't even take any more trips
Everything else comes second place to the feeling of your embrace
Longing for just a taste of the sweet honey I see
You're more like an intoxicatingly inviting glass of long island iced tea
All I need now is my tangy twist of lemon
And some satin napkins to wipe my lips
Using satin pillows for my knees as I drink from between your hips
So alluring
Don't stop pouring
And I won't stop drinking
I'm thinking
Being under your influence is what's up
And being with you is what's happening
I'm not even trying to think about the alternative
All I'm trying to do is stay down with you

No matter what


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