Monday, August 23, 2010

Raging Romance: More Than Skin

Where do I begin
You are more than your skin
More intoxicating than a tall glass of gin
More refreshing than spring water from Mt Fuji
Your daddy's daughter
The beat of your mother's heart
The fire in my eye that will never lose it's spark
More than your disarming smile
More than your sultry curves that swerve like the Nile
Jazzy when you wanna be
Classy lady you're always gonna be
Spiritual inner fortitude that keeps your demeanor graceful
Respect for self keeps your conversation and presentation always tasteful
I can see your open ears to the wisdom of our Beautifully Seasoned Queens
Woman of my wishful yesterdays
Woman of my dreams
The woman for my team
You've got home team advantage
Because I could see myself coming home to you on the daily
I can see you with my eyes closed
You are more than what my naked eyes lovingly behold
I see your sweet spirit
The integrity of your soul
And your pure heart speaks to me in a language only translated by my ears
Deciphered like cryptic code in our love's abode
Learning each other through osmosis every time we touch
What a rush
You touch my soul on levels there are no words for
So I must touch your heart in the places no words can help comprehend

Love's imperfectly perfect blend

More than desire

More than skin


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