Monday, August 30, 2010

Words Before Lines: Irresistible You

Intense moments, moments in life, moments in love

Refining what time is from a right now perspective

Right now, you have all of my attention

Every syllable you speak makes me weak

Stolen moments with you are what I eagerly seek

Investing the time to blow your mind in return

Staking my claim and writing my name within your walls with each passionate moment

Taking your brain to the places your heart can't find maps for, snatching your breath away

Invisibly inking your soul with the seeds of my words before our passions play

Beating confessions out of your depths with my sword of seductively erotic correction

Lust is an afterthought as pure passion has seized complete control, linking our souls

Establishing bodily communication after intense verbal preparation

Yearning for the "more" that has been so elusive is now transformed into soul to soul reality

Overjoyed I am yet under-afraid to let myself fall

Under the beautiful spell of an irresistible you


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