Monday, August 23, 2010

Brain Game

I'm weak in the knees the ways you tease
Ringing in my head the things you just said
I've had my eyes on your lips
After putting my eyes your hips
Natural twists on your crown
Smelling like jasmine and vanilla
A real grown man killer
Bruised-ego healer
I'm definitely on my P's and my Q's
Check my shoes
They're standing still right in front of you
I'm looking at you
Now eye to eye
Not running
Not walking away
I'd rather stay
Indulging without my crotch bulging
Listening without agenda
Who could ignore words so tender
Unexpected grace from your beautiful space
Conversation so sweet I just have to taste more than your tasty looking lips
Do you mind if I relax
Sit down and lean back
And just simply enjoy this intimate moment
Because right now I can't even say a word
All I can do is nod my head, exhale and close my eyes

Because your brain game is ridiculous

I'm almost afraid to give you body


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