Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Thoughts: You

If you walk down the street I would run to the corner
If you move to another country I'm officially a foreigner
Devotion is more than a notion
Dedication is more than some simple libation
For you are my religion
You are my ritual
You are my rite of passage
You are my day of reckoning
Can't you see my soul beckoning for you
I don't give a fuck what your mouth says
I see what your eyes say every time you look at me
Mouths lie
They can't help it
Especially when they are afraid
So I understand
'Cause you KNOW you see THIS man
And you know THIS man sees YOU
And we both desire something true in the midst of a den of thieves
Preying on tender hearts like yours and mine
Taking advantage when our hope is on the decline
Can you stay focused
Can you overlook the hocus-pocus
Can you see what is evident when it is not
Can you love me with all you've got
Because I can
I have
I always have
I always will
I will kill if someone disrespects your virtue
Eye for an eye if someone hurts you
Automatic protection if you make me your selection
Kevin C ain't got shit on me
You become my favorite video every time I think about you
And you are my vivid picture in the wee hours of the night
Projected on my ceiling as if there is a light
I don't need you in my presence to feel you
To touch you
To taste you
To smell you
To hear you
And that is why I fear you
You reside deep down under my skin
Do you belong there
I hope so...


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